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Looking for a job can be quite painful at times, especially when there’s never any response from prospective employers. This article will share some tips to make job hunting more efficient, more productive and most importantly, more successful!

What You Can Do

Nowadays, almost all job hunting and recruiting is done via the web. There are even websites who specialize in headhunting and connecting professionals together. Using the internet seems like the obvious choice for future job opportunities and although this is true – don’t just stick to the internet for job hunting! There are plenty more avenues to explore to land a job, a lot of which are ignored or missed by people also looking for work. So let’s explore what other ways you can find work!


So, when you’re looking for a job on the internet, the process is pretty simple. You’ll make an account on a recruitment website, upload your résumé and begin looking for jobs. There are too many websites to choose from, not to mention creating accounts and uploading your résumés. And even if you were successful in creating hundreds of accounts; applying and managing all correspondence from the websites would make everything so difficult!

So, find a couple of reputable and active websites and register an account. The reason we suggest a couple is because you’ll often find the same job posted everywhere. Having just a couple of accounts will definitely help managing applications, communications and job searches.

Let’s look past the recruitment sites and focus on social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – there are so many social media websites nowadays which almost everyone is signed up on. Take advantage! If there’s a company you’ve always wanted to work for, follow them on Twitter, you may see them looking for X position. Due to the social media’s popularity, companies have begun to recruit using such applications.

Friends & Family

Unfortunately, sometimes having a degree is still a struggle if you don’t have the right contacts. There’s an old saying which accurately states: “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. Asking your friends and family about job opportunities at their workplace can sometimes be the best way of landing a job. Not all companies will advertise their vacancies on the internet, so having an ‘inside man’ could be the gap between unemployment and employment.

With cell phones and the internet, communication is easy! Go on to Facebook and simply ask your friends if there are any vacancies at their workplace, or ask if they know anyone recruiting for X position. You’d be surprised how quickly your circumstances could change!

Company Websites

Visiting company websites is definitely a good step to finding a job. A lot of companies –even big companies—only advertise their vacancies on their websites. Nearly all companies will have a page on their website listing the current job opportunities with details on how to apply. People often assume if the companies are big, they will advertise on recruitment sites but this is not true. Take advantage of this popular stereotype by applying for jobs via company websites as the competition won’t nearly be as much.

On Foot

One of the oldest ways of job hunting is visiting different companies and asking if there are any vacancies. A lot of places are always recruiting but depending on the size and popularity of such companies – no one may know. Print of a lot of résumés and walk through your local town or city and ask to speak to the manager or ask for your résumé to be passed on. It is advisable to look smart when doing so, as you may bump into a future employer on your journey! In many cases, a manager may have a couple of words with you, but don’t be fooled – they’re already judging you and interpreting a first impression, and it could well be a mini-interview.

For example, if you walk into a store browsing Facebook on your phone, while chewing gum and smelling of cigarettes – the manager may not be impressed.

Although this step favors stores, gas stations and markets – there’s no reason you can’t hand in your résumé to any other company.  


Job hunting can be time consuming, lengthy and stressful, but don’t be beat down by it. Try new ways, explore different avenues and most importantly – remain positive. Be proactive in your approach and you’ll reap the benefits. Good luck!

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